BOHNES Releases "My Friends" Remix EP

BOHNES Releases "My Friends" Remix EP

  EP. Teaming up with Pretty Sister, Chace, Chantry, Milk N Cooks and VCDC, Bohnes reimagined versions of his hit single "My Friends" that are sure to keep fans dancing into the weekend. The EP is available to stream today, here. Additionally, the music video for the acoustic version of "My Friends" premiered exclusively with Alternative Press this afternoon.


This new solo project from Alex DeLeon (The Cab) has been continuously pushing the boundaries of creativity through music and visual content. On "My Friends" DeLeon shares "We are all messed up. We all go down rabbit holes, we all live with little fragments of darkness in our heads, and we all make bad decisions sometimes. This is a song about being proud of all of that. Being self-aware. Sometimes fighting against your demons is more self-destructive than learning to live with them. These are all things that make people who they are. How boring would it be to be normal? Instead of running from your demons.. you should learn to be friends with them. It took me awhile.. but I think I finally have introduced myself to mine."


The original track was produced by Matt Johnson (Matt and Kim) and gives listeners grungy guitar hooks with a modern pop beat and catchy drum breaks evident of all of the musical influences of Bohnes. Fans can stream "My Friends" across all digital platforms by heading to


Recently, Bohnes released an acoustic version of his first single "Six Feet Under" and the re-imagined track and video garnered great responses from press. Ones To Watchshared "DeLeon's voice adopts a softer tone in comparison to the more aggressive original that matches perfectly with the minimal instrumentation and emotional quality of the acoustic version and music video."Huffington Postcelebrated the project, saying "This new chapter of Deleon's career represents figuring out who you really are while showcases who he is as a musician - authentic, real, and passionate."


Bohnes pulls from influences like Johnny Cash, Rage Against the Machine, Justin Timberlake and Frank Sinatra while maintaining a global focus in every aspect of the project. He has traveled to every continent and has filmed or photographed content in over 65 countries. From his debut music video being shot at an abandoned theme park in Japan and premiered with Entertainment Tonight, this is just the beginning of what is sure to be an incredible journey.


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