Late last week, Dierks Bentley and his co-writers, Ross Copperman and Ashley Gorley, celebrated the No. 1 success of his recent smash, “Black,” which also happens to be his 16th career chart-topper and third consecutive No. 1 from his album of the same title.

The song, which he wrote about his wife Cassidy Black Bentley, had a really big impact on his fans and on the charts. “There’s some songs that have a bigger impact than others. I’ve played No. 1s that I don’t even do in the live show anymore. I just don’t feel like they have the impact,” says Dierks. “But songs like this, I feel like, will always have that impact. So, it’s not just about getting a No. 1, it’s about finding a song that’s a No. 1 but will also, you can see it statistically sell singles on iTunes. But also for me, it’s just feel. When you go out there on stage and watch this song grow from nobody knowing it to people getting excited when they hear the first bits of the music to cellphones coming out with the lighters, to see the song grow that way…some No. 1s are better than others.”

Dierks is ready to release his new single, “What the Hell Did I Say,” from his album,Black