On Saturday (May 27th),Dierks Bentley will celebrate the one-year anniversary of the release of his album,Black. The collection, which features the chart-topping hits “Somewhere on a Beach” and “Different for Girls,” also includes his current single, the title track, which is poised to go to No. 1.

The album basically follows one person and his growth as Dierks weaves in and out of each song.

“The record when people listen to it, they’re gonna hear right away that it’s about relationships and hopefully, project their own history and storyline and relationships into this particular album,” he says. “It’s a real story about just the highs and lows and really the maturity that I guess I go through, this singer goes through, throughout the album. You know the same guy that’s singing ‘Somewhere on a Beach,’ by the end of the record is singing a song called ‘Different for Girls,’ where he’s obviously matured enough to see that there is a different way that girls and guys handle breakups sometimes and there’s also a stereotype that goes along with that unfortunately, as well, too. A lot of growth throughout the record, but it’s all about relationships and this one person’s journey through love and trying to understand it.”
Dierks had to cancel his show this past weekend in Birmingham, Alabama because he was sick, but plans on taking his What the Hell Tour to Hartford, Connecticut on June 2nd.