Interview with Josh Kennedy of "The Black Moods".

Interview with Josh Kennedy of "The Black Moods".

The Black Moods are about to release their new album“Medicine” on October 14,2016. In anticipation to this Awesome new album , We here at Rockthepit Magazine wanted to sit down With Josh Kennedy (vocal and guitar) and get to know some details about the New album and get to know Josh and “The Black Moods’ a little better.


In celebration of the new album, the band will be playing an album release party on October 14th (Release Day) at Wasted Grain in Tempe, AZ. The week beforehand, the group will open for rap legend Lil' Jon at the Four Peaks Oktoberfest on October 7th.



How did you guys come up with the name "The Black Moods" ?

I was reading a Jim Morrison biography and they referred to his melancholy moods as black moods and I thought that was an interesting way of phrasing that kind of a vibe. We wrote a song called The Black Moods first and once we started tossing that around it kept coming [back] so we just ended up going for it.



 How is your new album "medicine" different from your previous work.

The first album, That's all the songs we had at the time.

The new record … we wrote a lot of it at different places we played at , In basements at friends houses in Mexico or in Wisconsin.  Then we would head to california to lay down 4 tracks at a time , We was never rushed, It took 2 years to come up with. We recorded it in our producers house we got to relax and mess with tones and things and just do our own thing.


What would be your dream tour?

GO OUT WITH QUEENS OF THE STONG AGE as Direct support or Direct Support for Pearl Jam or Foo Fighters.


Who influenced the Black Moods? 

I grew up listening to Musicians like Eric Clapton. That was the first cassette tape I remember playing over and over in my house. As far as songwriting, the Gin Blossoms were a big influence.Then we really got into Zeppelin and the level of energy they brought to the table. Then from Zeppelin to The Doors and The Beatles. 


How do you feel your fans are going to react to your new album?




Do you guys ever play pranks on each other ?


Nothing to crazy, Just little annoying things, For example .. If there is a certain terrible picture of one of us, I will print out one of them and hide them in Chico's cases or something. We don't get to crazy on the pranks … it all just depends on the situation or how drunk we get.


how excited are you to be opening up for Lil jon.

Pretty excited , I don't listen to a lot of rap , I am a big fan of the Chappelle Show and he does a great impression of Lil Jon so that is how I was introduced to Lil Jon … It will be cool to see how the fans react to a Rock band opening up for Lil Jon.



Whats your opinion on the presidential race in our country right now

I dont really have one , I am not that much into Politics. I feel like ashton kutcher will eventually come out and say we've all been Punk'D

I dont really Know how to feel about it all , Just seems like a joke.




Tell us a story about a day in your life?

My day consists of ,  I usually get up about 10:30 ,  shower Then I turn on the stereo in the studio and jam out to some tunes. Play guitar then work on some songs, Then the guys show up and we rehearse and then I demo some songs and probably watch netflix and pass out and do it all over again. Then I try sneak out and get some pussy when I can.


Who is your favorite comic book character and why?

I am a big batman fan ....  His different personas between the badass Batman and the Bruce wayne Persona , How he is two different people.  Though I'm not a big comic book guy


Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk to us at Rockthepit Magazine , We hope your new album "The Medicine" goes over well , And hope to review one of your concerts in the future when you are touring in St.Louis.


Make sure to get The Black Moods new album "Medicine" On October 14th 2016.










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