As Lauren Alaina was preparing to make her second album Road Less Traveled, her life was not doing fine. What should have been an exciting time for the young artist was overshadowed by the events of her personal life. Lauren shares that her parents were in the process of getting a divorce, and she had the feeling of being pulled in a bunch of different directions, but one person, and one song, helped Lauren cut through all of that to find her “voice” as a songwriter.

When she got together with busbee, who went on to produce the album for Lauren, he posed some simple questions to her, “What do you want to say? What are you going through right now? What is happening to you in your life?” Lauren recalls it was at that point where she totally opened up to him and “just lost it.” But in searching for those answers, Lauren says she found clarity thanks to busbee,

“It was the first time that I thought ‘Oh, I should write about me, and what’s actually happening.’ And he, really helped me with that. He really, really helped me to realize that honesty is what works.”

She also found a song in that writing session…”Doin’ Fine,” which is one of the most autobiographical tracks from her album Road Less Traveledthat fans are connecting with because many are going through the same life events, and can relate to the honesty of the music.

Fans can hear the track on country radio as it makes it’s way into the top 40 this week.

Lauren is set to hit the road with Cole Swindell on his The Reason to Drink Tour, kicking off February 15th in Allentown, Pennsylvania.