On this tour the group was doing something really unique and celebrated their 15th Anniversary by playing a two night stay in each city. The first night they played their first record, self-titledThe Used, and the second night they followed by playing their second recordIn Love and Death. I really love when bands play albums in their entirety because if you are a true fan you have come to love most bands releases by embracing them from start to finish. The Used in particular kind of had a triumphant Cinderella story of sorts with their first two records. Not to down play them at all, but there is something very special with their first two records that I have not found on there other releases. I unfortunately was busy the first night of their stay in the STL, but I was very happy to make night #2.


The show started out with a bang opening with “Take It Away”, and as their set progressed what I found to be so special was that it was filled with many stories of the bands growth as they hit the industry with their sophomore release back in 2004. The band even did an amazing cover of the Ben E. King classic “Stand By Me”, which kind of blew my mind as I was not expecting it to be used as an interlude in between songs off of In Love and Death. This was just a great tour to experience and it felt more like a celebration of their music and their fans. I highly suggest catching at least one night of their 15th Anniversary tour in a city nearest you!