Conscious Parenting Mastery Review

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Conscious Parenting Mastery Review

The man is the Sixth Day Creation of God, and so the man is an amazing and realistic nature in the world. The living personality is given only to human beings, and they alone can fulfill the part. Moreover, the life cycle of the man and woman are creatively possible with their actions. When they come into a real piece of their life, nearly 70 percent of the parents failed. Do you know why? Every man’s life starts with the woman, and they are held up together in their hands by cute children. And this is how real life begins with the standard part. 

Mainly, the raising parents are showing their love and affection towards their children is common. But whether they are doing it for fantasy or realistic is matters. The conscious parents will not fail in their activities towards children, but the rest of the parents are failures. Are you serious about this statement? Read the review of the speaker and doctor, who is most talented of guiding the parents in the right manner through the course of Conscious Parenting Mastery. You will come to know the negatives of your parental relations, and also you will have an idea to change from negative to positive things around your Diamond Kids.

Is Conscious Parenting Mastery A Valuable Course? 

Conscious Parenting Mastery ReviewAs you all know, learning and earning is not a big deal. But raising our children in the right manner will be so tricky because you don’t have anything to learn about good parents, and there will not be any studies for attaining them. Only you can follow your parents and so you will safely teach your kids. But everything you do for your children is right or wrong? Have you ever recognized those two mystery feelings?

If you know the actual truth, then you don’t need any personal advice of others. And if you are not aware of those scenarios, then you must have a consult with Dr. Shefali, who has given us a fantastic course to value ourselves. Shefali clears out the actual mistakes of the ordinary parents do. Every parent will tend to sacrifice for their children. But this will not fulfill your children’s hearts, and do you know why? And this was clearly spoken by the Shefali in the course of Conscious Parenting Mastery. 

How Does The Course Changes The Parenting Life?

Nearly 90 percent of parents are flying birds without knowing the parenting life. You can not merely be happy of giving all your scarifies to your children. But those will not fulfill the hearts of your children; instead, they will crave for something. And you will have a difficult task to find their desires and acting towards their part. The scenario for those complication situations are handled quickly by the Shefali course, and they will give you the perfect solutions for all your parenting life.

Moreover, the mistake of ordinary parents is about, thinking about their children as their soul. But the actual truth is about they have an individual and independent soul. And this clears out with the beautiful instances in your life through the course. You think your child resembles you, but not you. And this will be the right solution for every parent to act with their children for a better future. The concept based on the parents may differ; however, the treating of every child will be the same, but the truth is they will not do as per their child’s sake.

Two Different Scenarios About Modern Parents And Conscious Parents

The concept of correcting and controlling the children will not create a better future for your children. And also, showing them a lot of love and affection will not produce positive thoughts in their life. Even more, you must have a detailed consumption of understanding your children their way and opinions and guided them in those parts will be the best scenes in the future. Do not force your children with over-rules and also do not show more affections towards them. Both extend will create many problems and so keeping your children in a balanced manner. 

When you judge your children and their opinions, then you can understand the Sense of Morality. You will come to know that your children will have enough ideas to decide Right and Wrong things. You must give the space of understanding your children and also they will follow you easily because, in most of the scenarios, children will get copied from their parents.

For instance, modern parents are busy with earning and spending more money on their children, and so they will be happy all the time. And this will be the contemporary parent’s concept of mind. While coming to conscious parents, they are also busy with their work and also tally some time to spend with their children. And this creates the most durable bond among the parents and children. Learn to be independent but not mutually exclusive, and so you will have a good parenting life till the end. 

Conscious Parenting Mastery Review

What Can You Learn From This Course?

  • You can project your child by superimposing thoughts and beliefs, and so you can see the true nature of your child. The quality of behaviors can be understood clearly, and their way of approach will change automatically.
  • When you are about to leave their hands for their opinions, inevitably, they will raise the hands for others. For instance, when you are open-minded like the tap water but closing the holes with your hands, then how it will be? Likewise, open your hands for your children and let them express their feelings.
  • You will not create more expectations for your children from this course. You will have better options to control the expectations of the things that don’t happen. 
  • You will leave the way for your children to see their life in their eyes and so you can see the happiness of your children. And this will be your empathetic engagement with your children.
  • You will quickly know the behaviors from judging your children, even if it bad or negative situations. Moreover, you will tend to accept your children’s mistakes and positively encouraging them.
  • The course will guide you from the reactions of your children in their bad situations and how to manage them correctly, and also, you will feel to observe their feelings and craves in their life.
  • Moreover, you will not raise your hand towards to kid because you will come to know the solution to treat them and so you will always be connected with them as the best partner in their life.

The World’s Best Program Curriculum

  • Week 1# Our Roots of Parenting
  • Week 2# Changing the Mindset
  • Week 3# Changing You
  • Week 4# Changing the Relationship
  • Week 5# Integration (Transform Discipline to Mindful Connection)


  • 5x Live Group Coaching Calls With Dr. Shefali

Valuable Points Given By The Students 

  • You begin the Conscious Parenting Mastery Quest with the community
  • The World’s Best Teachers On One Platform
  • Deep Transformation In Just 15 – 20 Minutes A Day
  • You receive daily guidance for 35 days

Conscious Parenting Mastery Review


  • You will realize yourself of being in the parenting life.
  • You will resolve your children’s problems without affecting them.
  • There will be a mutual understanding between you and your children.
  • The two poles of parents and children will be in a balanced state.
  • The course will be so efficient for both children and parents guide.
  • You can easily have an appointment with the doctor without any assistance.
  • The real love of parents can show to your kids without any misinterpretation.
  • The course provides you the refund option with the 100 percent guarantee when you are not satisfied.


  • The Course you can get through only in online mode.


Conscious Parenting Mastery is the best course for your parenting life. Because you will have so many doubts and problems of handling the mood of your children, sometimes, it may go wrong with your children, and maybe those reasons will create a long gap between you and your children. Furthermore, you will have the right part to judge them and hear their voices of opinions to lead their life accurately. 

The course will be for 35 days, and also you will have the option of contacting the doctor for your clarifications. The course helps many parents to lead their children to live with the proper plans. You will also get changed by your kids and their valuable actions. Love your kid with your whole heart, and they will show double the love towards you. Grab this opportunity and get blessed of your parenting life. 

Conscious Parenting Mastery Review

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